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Non Bt Cotton Seeds

Varieties :

  • Rajat (Research Non Bt Cotton Seeds)
  • S-161 (Research Non Bt Cotton Seeds)
  • S-251 (Research Non Bt Cotton Seeds)
  • RG8 (Deshi Cotton Seeds)
  • HD-123 (Deshi Cotton Seeds)
  • HD-432 (Deshi Cotton Seeds)


Details

Guar Seeds

Guar Seeds are resistant to leaf blight and they have a medium maturity level, with the harvest time being up to Mid-November. The weight of 1000 Guar Seeds is 25 grams and the average yield is 22-26 quintals per hectare.

Salient Features of Guar-karan :

Moong Seeds

KRISHNA (research Moong Seeds)

  • SML-668

Short Duration, Synchronous in Maturity and Highly Tolerant to Yellow Mosaic Virus Disease.


Mustard Seeds

Short duration Mustard Seeds can be availed at the market leading prices, and we handle the bulk orders on a prompt basis.

Varieties :

  • Nandi (Research Mustard Variety)
  • Laxmi
  • Pusa Bold
  • Pusa Jai

Wheat Seeds

We are recognized as the most preferred Wheat Seeds Manufacturer and Supplier in Rajasthan. We supply Wheat Seeds that are clean and sorted at our own manufacturing unit by adopting hygienic methods. The undamaged grains and unadulterated quality of the high yield Wheat Seeds, we supply, makes it read more...

Barley Seeds

The company offers a pure and perfectly processed assortment of Barley Seeds. As a Manufacturer and Supplier of Barley Seeds, the cleaning, drying, and packaging mechanisms are thoroughly taken care of.

Varieties :

Cumin Seeds

Having firmly established itself as the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Cumin Seeds, the company caters to a nation-wide demand. The Cumin Seeds are thoroughly cleaned, hygienically processed, and properly packed. Offering high-yield varieties of the Cumin Seeds, the company can cater to the bulk read more...

Moth Seeds

We have acquired the status of the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Moth Seeds, with our sphere of influence covering the entirety of the domestic markets. The Moth Seeds are known for their unadulterated nature, which stems from proper cleaning and safe packaging. The customers can avail the bulk read more...


We are a Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan) based company, engaged in producing and supplying premium quality Jowar (Sorghum Seeds). We follow modern as well as traditional cultivation methods to produce the finest Jowar. Due to its high quality our Jowar is widely used to manufacturer wine as well as animal feed. read more...